Monday, September 5, 2011

Book Review: The Ultimate Illustrated History Of Eric Clapton

While Labor Day may be the unofficial end of summer, Voyageur Press along with the Quayside Publishing Group is preparing to release one of their greatest books yet. “Clapton: The Ultimate Illustrated History” is 256 pages full of jaw-dropping photos and illustrations of the life of Eric Clapton. The hardbound cover is stunning with Clapton’s name etched in gold along with 3 photos of three different phases of his career. That alone can make one stop and stare, but just open the book to see all the wonderful details this book has to offer.

Beginning with his early, childhood bands up until his big break with The Yardbirds, author Chris Welch dives into Clapton’s life as if they’ve been friends forever. Then the book just takes off with a brief history of his time in The Yardbirds until his departure for John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers.

The book dedicates 76 glorious pages to Clapton’s other 60’s bands, Cream and Blind Faith. Like many of the other books put out by Voyageur Press, the highest quality has been put into each photograph and tour poster included here. Welch touches upon Clapton’s dark times, but boast more about each of his glorious rebirths in the music industry.

Many of his classic solo albums get an in-depth look at how they were written and recorded, from his comeback album “461 Ocean Boulevard” to his pairing with B.B. King on “Riding With the King.” A montage of recent live pictures closes the book, but how else could one sum up 48 years in the music industry.

“Clapton: The Ultimate Illustrated History” will be published on September 15 through Voyageur Press. For more information on this and other releases, please visit

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