Sunday, September 4, 2011

CD Review: Rachel Taylor Brown Stays "Sweet" On Her New Solo Album

Singer/songwriter Rachel Taylor Brown is ready to release her seventh studio album entitled "World So Sweet" on September 20th through Penury Pop Records. Her music has been described as "dark" and "unpredictable" and on her new release those words ring truer than ever.

Rachel just attacks the lyrics on the album's opening track "Sister Jean" with equal output on piano with some horns to highlight the song's repetitive chorus. Her dark side comes out on "Taxidermy" and on "Modesto Waltz" while her gentle voice lightens the mood. Rachel's softer side gets wonderfully highlighted in the piano ballads "Anamone" and "Scotland." Her dark sense of humor comes out in the waltz sounding "Your Big Mouth" while her song-writing gets brought to another level in the solo piano piece "Didymus The Twin V. The Divine Sparkler." The album closes with another wonderful piano piece, "Joe/The Sacred Remains." Even though Rachel likes to rock, her strength is in her solo piano pieces. It really makes the listener take notice to her thought provoking lyrics.

Rachel Taylor Brown has a show scheduled on October 15 and is looking to set-up a tour of the east coast this fall. Please visit Rachel's website, for more information on her new album as well as upcoming tour dates.

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