Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CD Review: Thomas Neptune Gets "Down To Earth"

Singer/songwriter Thomas Neptune is getting ready to release his debut EP with producer/engineer Mike Greir (Cee-Lo Green, Justin Bieber). The EP is called "Down To Earth" which perfectly fits his sound as a true artist that doesn't need gimmicks to get noticed.

His song "Unbreakable" can easily be imagined on today's radio next to Bruno Mars and Maroon 5. The song has the right appeal of memorable vocals with a pop/rock sound. Thomas goes full-out pop on the dance beat of "We're Beautiful" then returns with a thumping rock sound of "My Ohio" showing his versatility with his music.

To find out more about this rising star, please visit There you will find the latest news on what Thomas is working on as well as videos, photos and more.

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