Friday, November 4, 2011

CD Review: Bess Rogers Comes From "Out Of The Ocean"

From New York comes singer/songwriter Bess Rogers with her sophomore release “Out Of The Ocean.” The inspiration for her new album came from a book entitled “Your Inner Fish” which Rogers says “is about the evolution from life as far back as pre-historic fish and microbes.” From that, Rogers looked deeper into her songwriting on this latest album. 

Beginning with “One Step Free,” Rogers begins as if she was leaving the ocean in evolution. The gentleness of her vocals in “Standing Tall” is just perfect amongst the backdrop of her ukulele strumming. The album’s first single, “Anchor” is a quick, acoustic pop song, while the ballad “In The Waves” plays out better for Rogers’ soft vocals. The most up-tempo songs on the album come in the second half with “Water And Dirt” with its sing-along chorus and Katy Perry-style vocals and “I’ll Be Gone” with its punk attitude. The album finishes with the gentle acoustic strumming of “Second Chance” and “Brick By Brick” that Rogers highlights wonderfully with her vocals. 

Bess Rogers is currently on tour and she will be in the New England area at the beginning of November. Her single “Anchor” was released back in August with a cover of The Beatles’ “In My Life.” For more information and a complete list of tour dates, please visit

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