Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CD Review: Metal Rockers Enormicon Bring On The "Storm"

The Texas trio known at Enormicon was the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Clay Davis along with lifelong friend, bassist Joe Rosenthal and veteran drummer Dave Slaughter. They released their debut EP this summer entitled "Storm of Swords" which was self-produced by the band themselves.

The opening track "Slaghammer" was featured on the "Do For It Records' 2010" compilation and features the band's heavy rock sound. Davis' vocals are almost lost in the mix as you notice the dark-sounding guitar and bass. All the elements come together on "Dark Forces" as the vocals and music have just enough metal power for you to take notice. While Enormicon try to add a bit of mysticism in "Pray for Death," their Black Sabbath-like sound comes shining through on the dark-sounding, 7-minute epic "The Gargantuan." That's the song that truly shows what this band is made of as the musicianship reaches its peak. The album closes with the hard-hitting "Brotherhood of the Plague" which gives us hope in the direction this band is headed on its next release.

To hear samples or to pick up the band's new release "Storm or Swords," please visit their website enormiconmetal.com.

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Danmark said...

I love Celtic Thunder and anxiously awaited the release of "Storm". It's has its moments, but it's not as good as I had hoped it would be.