Wednesday, November 2, 2011

CD Review: These Days Wish For "Hope & Glory"

From the UK comes These Days with a new EP entitled “Hope & Glory.” The six-song album was recorded in Southampton, England as the songs and performances just came together so perfectly.

The album opens with “Glory” an alternative rocker that sest the ground work for what this band has to offer. The band’s first single “Growing Old” has a great mainstream, alternative rock sound that is sure to catch the ear of many new fans. The band also has a video for the song that can be viewed on their facebook page ( Their song “Always” features some great drumming from Thor Porter as he steals the spotlight while the duel guitar of Lee Male and Lewis Simmons gets the attention they deserve in “Wasting Away.”

The band has a bunch of live dates set-up throughout the UK. Check out the band’s facebook page for more information on this rising new force in alternative music.

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