Friday, November 11, 2011

Vinyl Review: A Happy Death Rocks On Their New EP

From Portland, Oregon comes A Happy Death with a new self-titled, 7" vinyl EP. The album begins with "Ghost House," a great raw rocker that brings up similarities to early White Stripes. The song sounds as if is was recorded in one take, without any overdubs and that's exactly what is needed in music today. The song "Mr Rutter" sounds out of place with these other tunes. The slow melody just drags on too much next to the other quick, up-tempo rockers. "Nazi Zombies" is a mix of a surf-guitar with a punk rock beat. The song could be the perfect soundtrack for a B-list horror movie. I like the groove in "Surf Rock Band" if only the vocals were a little more defined, but A Happy Death gives us nice preview on this EP of what's to come from this band.

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