Sunday, December 18, 2011

CD Review: Slingshot Genius Debut With An "Operative Condition"

From Pennsylvania comes alternative rockers Slingshot Genius with their debut full-length album entitled "The Operative Condition." Their new album carries a very modern rock sound, similar to Sonic Youth and Guided By Voices and the singing duo of Scott Canavan and Erika June Christina Laing gives the songs that extra charm.

The album begins with the up-tempo attack of "Bullet," with the blazing guitars of Canavan and Brian Ciarimboli. Laing gets her first chance at the lead vocals in "Holodeck Dream" as she delivers a punk attitude to her vocal delivery. The highlight of the album is the grunge sounds of "Leash" that really show off the band's talent for songwriting. The band shows us some variety in their songs between the deep, slow burn of "Cancer" and the dance-pop of "Hey Manhattan." The album closes with the gentle acoustics of "Too Soon To Worry," which allows you to follow its dark lyrics.

Slingshot Genius just finished up with a show at the Thunderbird Cafe and currently have one date scheduled at the moment for the "Battle of the Bands" on February 2, 2012. To find out more about this band, please visit their website at

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