Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CD Review: Bushmaster And Gary Brown Make A "Revolution Rhapsody"

With a sound that flows from the Deep South, it’s surprising to find out that the blues band Bushmaster, featuring Gary Brown on guitar and vocals is from the Washington, DC area. Their new album entitled “Revolution Rhapsody” has a great guitar, blues-rock sound that is the perfect setting for Brown’s vocals.

The album begins with “Cumberland Blues” and while you instantly notice how good Brown’s songwriting is, it doesn’t compare to his guitar playing. Bushmaster gets their funk on for “Victim of Nostalgia,” before heading into the swamp-style blues of “Arizona Shame On Me.” Brown uses a classic blues guitar riff for “Ball ‘N’ Jack” then lets his guitar do the all the talking in “Sidewalk Strut.” The song “War On The Poor” can easily be a radio hit with its perfection combination of words and music. Bushmaster rock out on “River Flow – Splash!” and also show their softer side with the six-minute “Nothing Up Your Sleeve.” The album closes with a funky remix of “Victim of Nostalgia” that adds more electronics to the overall sound of the song.

Gary Brown and Bushmaster have a few lives shows scheduled for the beginning of January. Please visit their facebook page ( for song samples and tour dates.

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