Friday, January 27, 2012

CD Review: Indie-Rockers Fertanish Go Commercial

From Washington D.C. comes the art rock band Fertanish with their first commercially available album entitled "Zero Zero Three." The band experiments with a multitude of sounds and instruments to create an almost chaotic work of art.

The album begins with "Practitioner" which combines a whirlwind of heavy drumming and electronic beats. Songs like "Mud" and "Cockroach" sound like they were taken from a movie score of a science fiction movie. "We Wished For An Explosion" is an instrumental piece of music with a purpose and is very interesting to listen to as it combines congo drumming along with a dark, evil soaring keyboard. The songs on this album seem like the perfect backdrop for a movie soundtrack, especially the closing songs "Terminelegy" and "Tired." The album finishes with the 14-minute epic music piece "The World Has Ended And We Have All Passed On" as the one minute piano introduction gets taken over by a barrage of sounds crashing together.

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