Friday, January 20, 2012

CD Review: Justin Levinson Shows Us His Better "Side"

Singer/songwriter Justin Levinson has a new album arriving this month entitled "This Side of Me, This Side of You." Levinson has a "knack for letter-perfect pop hooks" according to Dan Bolles of Seven Days, and he's 100% correct. Justin's songs have the perfect combination of mainstream music and catchy, radio-friendly lyrics like the band Train or fellow singer/songwriter James Blake.

Right from the opening track, "Water Wears The Rock" you feel like this should be a "Top 40" album. The up-tempo combination of a dance, rock sound is a great backdrop for Levinson's lyrics. Levinson's backing band, The Valcours, do a great job "fleshing out" the sound of songs like "You Became A Ghost" and "I'll Be Ok." Justin also invites fellow acclaimed singer/songwriters Will Dailey, Gregory Douglass, and Liz Longley to lend a hand (or voice) to a few songs. Levinson handles heartbreak with "Million Tears" and "If You're Happier," while the Jason Mraz sounding "Say What You're Gonna Say" gets sandwiched between the two songs.

Justin Levinson has some live shows scattered throughout Vermont, until he hits New York on March 7, then travels around the east coast. For more information on Justin Levinson's new album and a full list of tour dates, please visit

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Unknown said...

A truly inspiring album. I love the way Levi combines introspective lyrics with upbeat music. I enjoy a good dichotomy as much as the next person, but Levi has uplifted it to an art.