Thursday, January 19, 2012

CD Review: Thomas King Makes This His "Last Night Living"

From Los Angeles comes Thomas King with a brand new EP entitled “Last Night Living.” The album was produced by Grammy-nominated Brandon Friesen (Sum 41, Nickelback) and engineered by Bryan Carlstrom (Billy Idol, Alive In Chains). This is King’s second release; his first album garnished him the praise of “Hot 100 Unsigned Artists” in 2010.

The new EP begins with the mainstream, pop-rock sounding “It Starts Tonight” that contains all the ingredients for todays “Top 40” radio audience. King has a knack for writing memorable chorus’ that just stick in your head. His songs have a very upbeat tempo with pop lyrics that contain just enough rock guitar and drums to give songs like “Last Night Living” and “Round Again” an edgier sound. The EP closes with King’s best song, the slow-building “Stay With Me.”

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