Monday, January 30, 2012

CD Review: Virus Cycle Remix "Zombieland"

From Boston, MA comes the latest form Industrial, Techno band Virus Cycle. The band's music revolves around a location called "Zombieland" as their sound mixes elements of Nine Inch Nails with ingredients from the band Prodigy, highlighted by the darkness of Bauhaus.

The new album entitled "Return to Zombieland" features 12 remixes of past songs along with 2 brand new tracks. The album begins with a marching club beat of "Bring You Down (Forever)" with its deep, dark, haunting vocals supplied by Johnny Virum. The other new song, "City of The Dead" is a more powerful piece of music with its creeping vocals and repetitive background beat. The rest of the songs on this release are newly created remixes of other songs by Virus Cycle. Some of the better ones are the keyboard driven "The Last Man On Earth (Blutaenasche Mix)" and "Alice In Zombieland (Re-Interpretation by Devil-M) which has a great tribal beat that carries the song.

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