Monday, February 13, 2012

CD Review: Don Dehlia Taps "Veins" For New Release

Alternative rockers Don Dehlia return with a new 3-song EP entitled “Veins.” The idea of this new release was that the band wanted to do a conjoined release with the prog-rock indie band Call Me Constant. Don Dehlia provided two new songs, “Stonewaller,” which shows the band stretching out of their comfort zone with a more expanding sound. The second song is a slow burner called “Faux Pas.” The music in this song is more compelling and shows us an interesting direction that the band is headed in.

The last song is called “Chiaroscuro” and is performed by Call Me Constant. The seven-plus minute rocker sounds more like ska-punk then progressive rock. The changes in tempo are what keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting to hear what comes next.

The new release is available through Painted Ox Records. For more information, check out the band’s facebook page (

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