Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CD Review: The Life And Times Show Their "Love" For You

Indie-alternative rock band The Life and Times returns with their SlimStyle Records debut album, “No One Loves You Like I Do." It will be the band’s first record without founding member Rob Smith and is also the first time the band will be performing as a trio, fronted by Allen Epley, formally of the band Shiner.

The titles of the songs on this new release are actually just numbered days and carry no particular order as the album begins with “Day Six,” which is a good lead-off song. The consistent drumbeat and squilling guitar plays the perfect backdrop for Epley’s mundane vocal delivery. The Life and Times continues with the bass driven “Day Nine” as more life gets put into the up-tempo rocker “Day One.” The moodiness of “Day Five” gets a boost from “Day Three” with its combined drumming/guitar attack. The album finishes with the alternative pop sounding “Day Twelve” and the six-minute experimental “Day Eight.”

The Life and Times are currently on their U.S. tour and will be heading to the east coast at the end of February. Check out the band’s website ( for a complete list of tour dates and posts about their tour stops along the way.

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