Saturday, February 11, 2012

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Releases New Albums On Valentine's Day

There are two new releases coming from the classic Heavy Metal label, Metal Blade Records. First is from the doom metal band Pilgrim, who are ready to release their debut album on February 14th entitled “Misery Wizard.” The album features six songs, only one of them falls below the six-minute mark. The band’s trio of musicians put their main focus on their instrumentation as the songs carry that very dark, slow, heavy sound.

The introduction of the opening song, “Astaroth” perfectly lays out what to expect from this band. The constant drum beat and buzzing guitars (that never solo) become the very definition of doom metal. Songs like the 10-plus minute “Misery Wizard” just seems to go on and on with very little vocals or indication that the music is not stuck on repeat. The song “Quest” is centered on a consistent bass line that just gives enough life to the song, while the 11-minute epic “Masters of the Sky” tries to give the listener more vocals and a broader mix of sound. The album ends with the 13-minute “Forsaken Man” which follows along the same lines as the rest of the album, with its dark overtones and deep, heavy sounds.

Pilgrim has a string of dates at the beginning of March. For more information on this doom metal band, check out their website

The other new release from Metal Blade records comes from New Orleans. The speed/death metal band Goatwhore will have a new album out February 14th entitled “Blood For The Master.” The quick-hitting new music follows hot on the heels of their 2009 breakthrough album “Carving Out The Eyes Of God.” The band has taken that new found popularity and used it to create one of the best albums of their career.

The band’s powerful, neck-breaking sound is heard right from the opening track, “Collapse In Eternal Worth.” The chaotic grace of “When Steel Meets Bone” and “In Deathless Tradition” is led by the dark, evil sounding vocals of singer Louis B. Falgoust II. The song “Embodiment Of This Bitter Chaos” is the pinnacle of this album with its thrash metal sound. The occult is the main focus of most of the songs on this album, especially “Beyond the Spell of Discontent” and “Death to the Architects of Heaven.” The album closes with even greater neck-breaking speed, as the song “My Name Is Frightful Among The Believers” ends the album on a high note.

Goatwhore have a long list of live shows that run until mid-March. Check out for a complete list of tour dates, as well as information on the new album.

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