Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CD Review: Modern Punk Band, Maker Uses Vinyl For "Mirrors"

From Massachusetts, comes modern punk band Maker with a new album, “Mirrors,” on Animal Style Records. The album was released on CD back in June of 2011, but is finally getting its well-deserved vinyl release. The band has a hometown show on March 11, then Maker will be heading into the studio to record their follow-up once this tour wraps in April.

The album begins with punk-style drumming, buzzing guitars and the shout-out loud lyrics of “Mirrors” as the band seem to have a chip on their shoulder. The band speed through “For Every Mistake I Ever Made” before heading into the pop-punk sounds of “What’s In Your Head,” which is the most mainstream song on the album. The acoustic, edginess of “A Postcard I Never Sent To You” sounds like an unfinished demo before the band heads into the album’s longest song “14.” They mix up the tempo on the song to keep it interesting, but still aggressive. The album closes with the radio-friendly “… I’ve Been Wondering.”

April tour dates lead the band into Canada, but return to the states for The Jamboree Music Festival in Ohio. Check out the band’s new website (http://thisismaker.wordpress.com/) for more information.

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