Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CD Review: Sean Cooney Warns Us About "The Zombie Apocalypse"

New England native Sean Cooney is releasing a new album full-length album of dance-pop originals. The new release entitled “The Last Thing I Heard Before The Zombie Apocalypse” is Cooney’s invite to his party as he presents an album full of beats and rhymes that is sure to please radio audiences across the country. The album was written and performed entirely by Cooney himself as he takes great pride in his delivery.

The album begins with the lead-off single “Brooklyn” which combines the lyrical sounds of Jason Mraz with the pop sensibility of Justin Beiber. Then, the album just takes off with contagious pop-hooks and dance-beats that just don’t quit. The song “Cali” is a fun song with its catchy chorus and harmonies, while “Party Like A Kennedy” is Cooney’s attempt at hip-hop. Sean Cooney tries working his Jazz background into some of the songs like “Lose Your Mind” and “Evil Lover.” He takes a break from his club beats for the playful, piano driven “New Friend” and the Jason Mraz blueprint “What I Like.” Cooney bridges the gap between hip-hop and pop rock with many great songs like “Pursuit Of Happiness” and “Fun Time.”

Sean Cooney has videos out for the songs “Brooklyn” and Déjà vu” ( and is beginning a tour of radio shows on college campuses and commercial radio. For more information on this new artist, check out his website,

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