Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CD Review: Brandon McHose Prefers To Sing About "Late Night"

From Chicago comes singer/songwriter Brandon McHose with a new EP entitled “Late Night.” The four-song album gives us only a glimpse of the talents that Brandon have for writing guitar-driven, hook-filled rock songs. The album leads-off with the title-track, “Late Night” as the song treads on the holy Chicago-blues ground, as Brandon peels-off a classic sounding guitar solo. The song “Next” heads Brandon into a more pop-oriented direction, following the likes of John Mayer. The album closes with the gentle acoustic-lead “Just Say When,” which shows off his wonderfully talent for song-writing.

Brandon’s new album is available now online. He has a couple of shows scheduled in the Chicago area before heading out west. Please be sure to visit Brandon’s website ( for more information.

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