Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CD Review: Europe's I Used To Be A Sparrow Release "Luke"

The pop music duo of Sweden’s Dick Pettersson and Italy’s Andrea Caccese have come together to form the indie group I Used To Be A Sparrow. The two teamed up in December of last year and created 11 songs that are as big sounding as a Coldplay album. The new album entitled “Luke” will be released on March 14 through Paper Wings Records.

The album begins with “Cambodia” which gives us airiness to their music. It sounds as if the instruments can breathe without overpowering one another. The album’s first single, “Life Is Good” is alternative-pop music at its finest with some up-tempo beats and sing-along lyrics. The harmonizing within the songs, “Let Go” and “Hawaii” shows us exactly why these two got together to record in the first place. The gentle beginning of “Lovers On The Moon” gets quickly swept-up as the shaker beat tries to move the song along, which is more annoying than helpful. The band returns to their indie-pop roots with “Moby Dick” before finishing the album with the guitar rock of “Alaska.”

I Used To Be A Sparrow has a handful of dates over in Europe, but nothing is scheduled at the moment for the U.S. Please visit http://iusedtobeasparrow.tumblr.com/ for more information on this new band.

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