Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Have Two More To Unleash Upon The World

Metal Blade Records are back with two new albums from bands that have paid their dues over the course of the last decade. Heavy Metal band Desaster celebrated their 20th anniversary back in 2009 and recently released their Metal Blade Records debut entitled “The Arts Of Destruction.” It is the band’s seventh full-length album and shows how far their songwriting and musical power has grown since their early days.

Their sound just blows you back as the sheer speed of the opening song “The Art of Destruction,” along with the dark, screaming vocals of lead singer Sataniac sets-up an assault on your senses. The music on this new album is heavy metal at its purest while lyrics about the occult give the songs a more mystical tone. The tempo changes in “Lacerate (With Rans of Doom)” and “At Hell’s Horizon” shows us how talented these musicians are instead of just playing three-chords at neck-breaking speed. The band’s thrash metal roots coming pouring out in “The Splendor Of The Idols” and the album closer “Beyond Your Graves.”

Desaster have a few festivals scheduled in 2012, but their first shows are in April down in Columbia. Check out the band’s website (total-desaster.com) for a complete list of tour dates and information on the new album.

The other new release from Metal Blade Records comes from Lay Down Rotten who has been together now over ten years. Their new album entitled “Mask of Malice” is their third album on Metal Blade Records and their first with new guitarist Daniel “Kensington” Seifert.

The album begins with the pulse-pounding, recklessness of “Death-Chain.” Jost Kleinert’s vocals are aggressive and in your face, which is just how Lay Down Rotten likes it. The double-bass drum delivery by Timo Claas in “…And The Wolves Come Out” is exceptional as you just feel the energy. The album’s first single, “Hades Resurrected” and second single “The Devil Grins” shows us the full power and aggressiveness that this band puts into every bit of their music.

Lay Down Rotten has a few festivals lined-up as well over in Europe. Visit the band’s website (laydownrotten.com) for tour dates and information on the new album, “Mask of Malice.”

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