Thursday, March 15, 2012

CD Review: Otto Kinzel Reminds Us Of "The Zodiac Killer"

New Englander Otto Kinzel is a music chameleon. He has been or is currently a member of six industrial metal rock bands and recently formed a seventh band, Chemical Distance, three years ago. Finally, last year Otto released his first solo album entitled “We Are All Doomed: The Zodiac Killer.” The songs on this new album were influenced by the Zodiac killings that took place in the San Francisco Bay area in the late 60s/early 70s. Otto also handles most of the instrumentation on the album, except for a few guest spots here and there.

The album goes through the events in chronological order, beginning with the hard-hitting, industrial metal sounds of “Two Dead On Lake Herman Rd.” The album reflects a Frank Zappa-style with its storytelling songs like “July 31st” and “Modesto Terror Ride.” Otto is also allowed to expand his sound without restrictions as in “Oct 13,” but his talents lie in the heavy metal sounds of “The Stranger At Lake Berryessa” and “The Trophy (Paul Stine).” The album closes with the 7-minute “Epilogue” as Otto saves some of his best beats and guitar grooves for the end.

Otto Kinzel has a couple interviews lined up with ParaRock TV and MCTV. For more information, check-out

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