Thursday, March 8, 2012

CD Review: Paul Hayworth Expands His Sound On "Soft Culture"

Multi-talented, European artist Paul Hayworth is finally releasing his “Chill Out” album entitled “Soft Culture.” The album was recorded back in 2001 using classic drum machines, sound loops and ambient textures to create an atmospheric piece of music. Why the wait? Paul Hayworth has been busy as a guitarist for the Austrian band Freud, as well as multimedia specialist for Sony and for The Bitmap Brothers. He is finally finding the time to release his back catalogue of solo projects.

The 10-track album is full of drumbeats and soundscapes as Hayworth tries to captures moods and atmospheres with his music. The songs range in length from the moody, 4-minute “Electrostatic” to the over 9-minute “Bambi Rasta.” The acoustic guitar in “Mish” and the soft, simple guitar in “Sunpool” is a nice break from the constant attack of electronic sounds in “Doctors of Empathy” and “Little Indian.” The album closes with the quiet flow of “Metropolitechnic.”

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