Sunday, March 11, 2012

CD/DVD Review: Todd Rundgren Relives "Todd"

In 2010, rock ‘n’ roll guitarist Todd Rundgren set out to accomplish something that he has never done before. He wanted to perform his 1973 classic album “Todd” in its entirety from start to finish. On September 14, 2010 at the Keswick Theater in Pennsylvania, Rundgren accomplished his task and made sure to capture the performance on CD & DVD. This set was released on February 14 and features Rundgren, along with guest musicians Kasim Sulton (Utopia), Greg Hawkes (The Cars), and Prairie Prince (The Tubes) performing Rundgren’s masterpiece live for the first-time ever.

The performance was released on CD and DVD and is simply named “TODD.” The CD sounds exceptional. It's as if the original album was written to be performed in its entirety in front of a live audience. Rundgren’s voice is still as smooth as powerful as it was 37 years ago. His band excels during the ballad “A Dream Goes On Forever” and gives the show-tune sound of “The Lord Chancellor’s Nightmare Song” an extra pop that allows Rundgren to follow. Instrumentals like “The Spark of Life” and “Drunken Blue Rooster” sound as good as they did on the original album. Rundgren finally straps on his guitar for an amazing solo during “The Last Ride” and then just takes his performance to the next level on “Everybody’s Going To Heaven/King Kong Reggae.” The pinnacle of this live performance has to be the heavy rocker “Heavy Metal Kids.” The only song missing from the original album is “In and Out The Chakras We Go,” Rundgren goes on to finish the performance with the piano ballad “Do You Ever Learn?” and the sing-along anthem of “Sons of 1984.”

As for the DVD, multiple camera angles were used to capture the true feeling of being a part of the performance. The colorful, flashy outfits and grand gestures only add to the excitement of the performance. The one extra on the DVD is an interview between Emmy-award winning broadcaster Roy Firestone and Todd Rundgren.

While the CD allows you to relive the memories of hearing that album for the first time and allows you to make up your own images in your mind, the DVD gives you a visual look into the musicianship that went into performing this amazing piece of music. The only way to fully in capture and appreciate this once in a lifetime performance is to get both the CD & DVD. For more information on Todd Rundgren and this new release, please visit his website at

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic DVD! Best live DVD Todd has released. The bonus interview is great. Buy it now!!!