Thursday, April 19, 2012

CD Review: Fall From Grace Hit Their "Romance Years"

Seattle rockers Fall From Grace released their first album in four years back in January. The album entitled "The Romance Years" finds the band at their best after a long break. Their song-writing has matured as well as their musicianship. The first single "18 & Out" is already hitting the airwaves on MTV and VH1.

The album begins with the "in your face" punk-rocker "Your Majesty," which makes you stand up and take notice of this band. They continue with the youth revolt of "18 & Out"  and "Heart Attack Road" as their knack for writing pop anthems finds the perfect hard rock backdrop. Fall From Grace soften their delivery, but only a little with the power ballad "Fade 2 Gray," before returning to blast your eardrums with more hard rocking licks. The band slows things down once again with the acoustic driven "Great Expectations," before returning with their big sing-along finish "So Long For Now."

Fall From Grace have shows booked in New York, beginning in May and are busy the entire month, performing live almost everyday. For a complete list of dates and information on the new album, please visit

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