Monday, April 30, 2012

CD Review: Jodi Shaw Spends Her Time "In Waterland"

Canadian singer/songwriter Jodi Shaw is preparing to release her third full-length album entitled “In Waterland.” This album has been three years in the making and it seems that the time Jodi put into this new album has paid off.

The opening track, “Swim” sounds like it came from the 10,000 Maniacs’ heyday when Natalie Merchant sang lead. Jodi’s voice is gentle and times, but can also be very powerful and compelling. The fragility in her voice during “The Witch” echoes that of songstress Tori Amos. Jodi’s songwriting excels in the album’s first single “The Mystery of Love” as her lyrics wrap you up while you listen for the subtle hint of instrumentation. Her folk-storytelling shines on “To The Country (We Go)” as you can picture the scenes she describes in your mind. The album’s title song, “In Waterland” gets two tracks, as the song also appears in demo form. You can fully appreciate Jodi’s vocals as they float above the simple keystrokes of the piano and violin. Her voice becomes a bit haunting during “Hell’s Bells,” but finishes strong, with the pleading vocals of “Fellas.”

Jodi Shaw has performed to standing room only audiences across Europe and has a handful of dates scheduled in New York, beginning with her CD Release Party on May 15. For a complete list of show dates and information on her new album, please visit

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