Thursday, April 26, 2012

CD Review: Ryan David Orr Revives "Mordred" For New Album

Singer/songwriter Ryan David Orr has a love for classic literature, which comes through in his music, especially on his newly released fourth album “Mordred The Quarter Known.” While the album is not considered a concept album, the theme of removing the evil in our lives and making things better for ourselves is heard throughout the album. Ryan’s sound on this album brings us back to the mid-nineties alternative rock scene with its mix of folk-rock with a hint of grunge.

The album starts off with “If You Want Love,” which begins with a funky guitar lick that almost seems out of place with the rest of the album. Ryan settles into his own on the up-beat acoustic rock of “Hope & Fire” and “Scream at the Clouds.” His strengths lay in his delivery of the gentle folk ballads “Carry Me Home” and “Woman” and he even tries to impersonate Dave Matthews on “Write It On The Wall.” The album closes with Ryan pouring his feelings into the simple “Buttlerfly.”

Ryan David Orr has some shows lined-up in Arizona and New Mexico. Check out for a complete list of shows, as well as information on his new music.

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