Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Couple Of East Coast EPs From Two Great Musicians

From Connecticut comes multi-instrumentalist Jayson Munro and from New York City comes singer/songwriter Jon Moodie. Both artists are looking to take that next step in their careers with a full-length album, but until then we get just a taste of the talents these two musicians have to offer.

First up, with his latest 4-song EP entitled "Meteor Tears" is Jayson Munro This album was completed back in 2007, but was shelved until 2012 when Munro thought it was the right time to release his music.

The two beginning songs "Illinoize" and "18 Stops To Go" have a great alternative sound to them, but almost feel incomplete without the addition of vocals. The almost seven-minute "Cyan Tail-lights" is a very exploratory song that doesn't force the listener to judge the music involved. The EP closes with a fragile piano chord background and sounds of grunge-guitars and keyboards highlighting "Dew Drop Ambulance."

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Next up is singer/songwriter Jon Moodie with a collection of acoustic songs called "Bare Bones." The EP is Jon's first attempt to get these songs heard by the general public. He is currently developing these songs with a full band for his full-length album debut sometime in 2013.

Jon's voice on "Take It Slow" echos that of fellow singer/songwriter Ray Lamontagne with his rough, but warm vocal delivery. Jon takes a more folk-protest approach to "I'm Right," before turning on the blues in "Gypsy." He can also turn on the charm with his storytelling lyrics in "Get Loved." It will be interesting to her some of these songs with a full-band behind them. I just hope these songs don't lose their uniqueness.

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