Monday, April 23, 2012

Digital Review: Eddie The Gun Goes Digital For The "Kids"

The pop duo of Camilla Romestrand and Charlie Aksun are better known in the U.K. as Eddie The Gun. They are preparing to release a new digital only album in the U.S. entitled "Kids." The duo are hoping that this new release continues the success they found with their #1 video for the song "Don't Be Afraid."

The 15-song album begins with the powerhouse, up-tempo alternative rocker "700." Once Camilla begins to sing, you instantly notice a comparison to No Doubt's lead singer Gwen Stefani. Camilla's vocals are bold and edgy, sexy and seductive as displayed in "Never" and "My Love." The title song "Kids" is an arena-type rocker that combines great pop lyrics with a catchy alternative dance beat. The perfect formula for a hit song. Camilla gets to stretch out on the powerful vocals of "Maybe," then punks-out on the quick-paced "9988." The album closes with the built-up, grand finale, "Hate Today" that leaves you wanting more.

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Unknown said...

I lover these guys. Can't wait till they get to Austin, TX.