Friday, April 27, 2012

Digital Review: Marcus Singletary Shows Off On "Holy Guitar!"

After releasing his album “Smokin’” last year, Marcus Singletary wasted no time getting back in the studio to bring together some of his favorite moments for his follow-up album “Holy Guitar!” This is the first digital-only album to be released from Aviation Records. It collects some of Marcus Singletary’s best guitar solos on one album. The concept is perfect, especially when you have someone as talented as Marcus performing the licks.

The album begins with “Boys of Summer,” a “balls to the wall” blazing instrumental that sounds like it could have been taken from a live Jimi Hendrix concert. Then Marcus settles down with a bit more funk along with the full-band sound of “Chicago Stomp,” before expanding his sound (and mind) on the spacey “Echo Park.” The full-band instrumentals seem to work better as with the jazzy “Friends” and “Man of Steal,” but you can really hear his talents on all the different genres that Marcus covers, including the album closer “The Pennsylvania Pull.” The main focus of the album is the trippy, 17-minute instrumental “Occupy,” which also includes a brief interview with the musician.

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