Thursday, May 31, 2012

CD Review: Indie-Pop Shines With Two New Releases

Two new singer/songwriters are on the verge of making an impact on the indie music scene. One is from Denmark (Francis Bowie), the other from New York (Nehedar). Francis Bowie began his music career 5 years ago as part of the band, A Love You. Now he has released his 4-song solo debut which combines pop electronics with deep, meaningful lyrics. 

The opening song "Endlessly" is pure pop with catchy lyrics and a up-tempo dance beat. The beats get carried throughout the rest of the album with the closing song "Silly and Crazy" benefitting the most from this musical collaboration. To find out more about Francis Bowie, be sure to check out 

Nehedar is the project of musician Emilia Cataldo. She, like Francis Bowie, uses electronics to give her music a more upbeat, pop feel. Her lyrics in the opening song "The Interrogation" seems a little out of place with the 80's synthesizers, but her voice keeps the song light. The soft, simple beats of "High Tide" and "Intro" allow Nehedar's vocals to really take off and make the songs her own, but her beautiful voice in "Distracted" is what makes you take notice of her music. She experiments with different tempos on "Dig Deep (part 1 and 2)," before returning to the meaningful, mellowness of "Unlove Song." The album closes with the sing-along, accordion-filled chant of "Count Down The Days." 

Her new album, "High Tide" was released back in March. For song samples from the new album, please visit

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