Thursday, May 17, 2012

CD Review: New Artists FInd Their Way With In Music We Trust

Music Promoter, In Music We Trust is rolling out a load of new album releases over the course of the next two months. Styles range from the airy, gentle, pop-folk of Carrousel and Jenn Rawling with Basho Parks to the Psych-rock of Skyline Pigeons. In between are some new releases from singer/songwriters Justin Jude and mbilly.

Carrousel’s debut album “27 Rue De Mi’chelle” was released on May 1. It deals with the all-too familiar theme of lost love and is captured in such a way that you feel like you are on this music journey with the band. Songs like “14” and “You Only Love Yourself” show us the talent these musicians have and the dedication Joel Piedt has for writing such complex pieces. Carrousel just wrapped up a few shows in Florida, but watch for Carrousel to book more live shows this summer. Check out their facebook page ( for more information. 

Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks are an indie folk-duo ready to release their debut album “Take the Air” on Waterbug Records. Jenn’s gentle voice and rich, powerful lyrics make the songs “Oh Delia” and “Tidal” feel like a breath of fresh air in the folk music community. The album finishes with the country hoe-down of “Little Swallow” and the heartfelt ballad “Leaving So Soon.” Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks have a load of dates scheduled until mid-June, including radio shows and festivals. For more information, please visit

Singer/songwriter Justin Jude is following the success of his 2008 album with a 5-song EP entitled “5 Kinds Of Rain.” The album is a quick autobiography of the changes that took place in Jude’s life since his last album. Jude sticks close to his acoustic guitar on the two opening songs “Bleed” and “Rose City” as you follow his adventures in words. The highlight of the album is the James Taylor sounding “Hard To Stay Alive.” Justin Jude has a handful of live shows in Oregon. For more information on Jude’s new album “5 Kinds of Rain,” please visit

Singer/songwriter mbilly is ready to release his sophomore album entitled “Malheur” on June 5th. The use of drum machines gives his music a raw sound as in “Your Famous Name.” At times his music sounds very polished (“The Man Who Prays”) and other times (“Billboards”) it seems like a full band is needed to flesh out the music more. The highlight is the duet ballad “All Lives Lived” which perfectly captures mbilly’s lyrics. Be sure to check out for more album information and live shows. 

Alternative indie-rock band Skyline Pigeons are releasing their debut album “House of Mysteries” on June 5. The 11-song album was inspired by life-changing events that went on between sisters Roxanne and Caroline Teti. The album switches between the pop-piano flow of “Together,” the gentle ballad “Unrequited” and the up-tempo, rocking “Get Up.” The music just floats in the background of the album closer “Take Me Back” as their voices demand your attention. Be sure to check out their myspace page ( and their facebook page ( for more information on this sister duo.

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