Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CD Review: New Music From The Other Side Of The World

Indie Music Promotions have a couple new rock albums to brag about. First is a new EP from award winning rock band Monks of Mellonwah and the other is from Russian alternative rocker Oleg Prodeus.

Australian rock band the Monks of Mellonwah are riding a new successful high. They were recently named the "Best Indie Rock Act" at the 2012 Artists in Music Awards and won first prize at Harold's Shorts film festival for their video for the song "Swamp Groove." They also released a brand new EP on May 24th entitled "Neurogenesis."

The five-song EP begins and finishes with the title song, which sounds like a progressive rock piece that definitely rocks with a blazing guitar solo. The end song is a radio edit of the song which cuts out a minute-and-a-half of the song. The album continues with "Neverending Spirit," which carries a sound similar to some modern day Linkin Park. Monks of Mellonwah quicken the pace on "Kyoto" before finishing with the ballad "You Shine."

The new EP was engineered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and gives you a little taste of what this new band has to offer. For more information, check out the band's website monksofmellonwah.com.

From Russia comes Oleg Prodeus with his new English/Russian-alternative rock album "13." This is Oleg's third solo album and has been in the works since 2009. The album will be released in both English and in his native language.

The album is full of passion as Oleg pours his heart into "Can You Feel The Rain" and "You're Running Away." He also adds some electronics to his more uptempo songs ("Follow Me" "Mother") which gives them a Depeche Mode feel. The only problem is that the album has a very up and down feel which takes away the momentum of the some of the faster songs. The overall songwriting is great with spots of brilliance ( "Return to Begin").

For more information on Oleg Prodeus, please check out his website (olegprodeus.com).

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