Thursday, May 10, 2012

CD Review: New Rock Albums From Bible of the Devil and My Dynamite

Coming this May are two new hard-rocking releases that you need to give a listen to. First is the new release from the veteran Chicago rock band Bible Of The Devil, the second is the debut album from the southern rockers My Dynamite.
Bible of the Devil released their sixth album on May 8 through Cruz Del Sur Music. The new album entitled “For The Love Of Thugs And Fools” is a classic rock n’ roll album with hints of hard rock and heavy metal.
The album begins with “Sexual Overture/While You Were Away,” that starts out with a Pink Floydian introduction, which quickly turns into a great adrenaline pumping opening song that sets the stage for the rest of the album. Their strength, power and speed shine through on “Out For Blood,” while the duel-guitar attack of “Raw and Order” is highlighted by Mark Hoffmann’s vocals. The band switches gears slightly on “Anytime” invoking a more classic rock guitar rock anthem with a great simple, sing-along chorus. Bible Of The Devil return to their heavy guitar riffs on “Can’t Turn Off The Sun,” before finishing the album with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal sounding “Night Street.”
Bible Of The Devil recently kicked off their spring tour packed with live shows almost every day. For more information on the band’s new album “For The Love Of Thugs and Fools” and for a complete list of tour dates please visit
Next up is My Dynamite with their self-titled debut album. Their sound combines the southern blues-rock of The Black Crowes with the big guitars of Humble Pie and Led Zeppelin. The album is out now through Listenable Records.
Right from the opening track “Take or Leave It,” you notice their love of combining southern rock with soul. The band blazes a trail with some amazing guitar solos as in “If We’re Livin’” and “Watch Yourself Grow.” My Dynamite bring out their southern anthem “Raise Your Glasses,” then slow down for the bluesy “Singing Stormy Weather.” The album closes with the funk filled “All That She Brings” and the swamp rock of “Fork In Your Tongue” which will have you singing and clapping along to the blues beat. 
My Dynamite recently performed at the 6th Annual Cherry Rock festival in Australia. They currently have no new live dates, but be sure to visit for updates.

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