Saturday, May 12, 2012

CD Review: Patrick Appello Finds Romance With His Guitar

Classically trained guitarist Patrick Appello released his most recent project, a collection of “romantic guitar” songs performed on an 1846 Rene Lacote guitar. The collection is called “The Last Rose of Summer” and was self-produced and self-released on March 6th.

The album covers classical songs by Franz Schubert, Johann Kasper Mertz and Mauro Giuliani. Apello’s performance on the opening piece “Opern-Review ‘Lucia di Lammermoor (after Donizetti)” is just a wonderful musical piece that sets the stage for the rest of this album. The intricacy of his performance of “The Last Rose Of Summer” is so heartfelt with only a classical guitar to portray the feelings that Appello seems to pull this off with ease. His delivery of the four pieces of music from the “Giuilianiate” places you back to a simpler time when one instrument was all that was needed to entertain.

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