Friday, May 11, 2012

CD Review: White Label Return to 1972 With "Stolen Voices" EP

White Label returns, after the success of last year's "Stolen Voices" LP, to give us the "Stolen Voices 1972 EP." The new EP features 4 songs that were originally recorded in the year 1972.

The EP begins with a wonderful reworking of Neil Young's "Everybody's Alone." The way White Label handle the music in order to enhance the song is just amazing. The lush, modern orchestra seems like the perfect fit for Neil's fragile, demo vocals. The next song combines two unreleased Marc Bolan demos into one truly great song. Combining the songs "Would I Be The One" and "Is It True" seem like the perfect fit for the newest release from Bolan's band T.Rex. A vocal track from Roberta Flack's song "Trade Winds" gets a refreshing remake with music that modernizes the song's strong vocals. The EP finishes with a duet between Fred Neil and Mickey Newbury. Listening to this song, you would never know that this duet never actually took place.

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