Sunday, May 13, 2012

DVD Review: Stony Island Brings The Sounds Of The Seventies To DVD

New from Cinema Libre Studios is the movie "Stony Island." It is available for the first time on DVD and features a great story about the trials and tribulations of becoming a successful band. It doesn’t matter what type of musical genre you prefer, this movie shows the work and dedication it takes to makes your dreams come true.

"Stony Island" takes place in Chicago in the seventies. It follows mainly these three talented musicians working at dead-end jobs, practicing their hearts out until one of them actually ends up paying the ultimate price. The friendship between the main characters of Richie, Kevin and Percy show us the comradery between band mates and breaks down the racial barriers without violence.

The funk super-group entitled the “Stony Island Band” and creates some of the funkiest beats and rhythms that the soundtrack alone would demand your attention. This 12-piece band along including Richard Davis on guitar, Edward “Stony” Robinson on vocals and Gene “Daddy G” Barge on sax give the perfect soundtrack to the streets of Chicago. While the actors give no Oscar winning performances, this movie is about the heart of the music and how it makes you feel.

Director Andrew Davis does a great job keeping the story flowing, while focusing on the music and how differently it affects the lives of the people involved. In the end, you find out if it was all worth the time, effort and heart that it took to make it. Also, included on the DVD is a 36-minute feature that catches up with the actors, musicians and people behind the scenes and how much this movie meant to them.

A great piece of movie and music history finally finds a home on DVD. For more information, please visit and

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