Friday, May 25, 2012

CD Review: Relax With The Sounds Of Jack Jeffery and Lowlakes

If you are looking for some new interesting, intellectual, relaxing music, here are a couple of new artists to listen to. Indie solo artist, Jack Jeffery combines his influences of Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel into an acoustic, progressive soundscape, while Australia’s Lowlakes puts your mind at ease with their airy, flowing sounds.

Singer/songwriter Jack Jeffery returns with his newest release “The Constant That Remains,” which is the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed album “Passage to Agadir.” The 10-song album begins with “We Need It Back” which combines layers upon lyrics of sound to create a psychedelic background. His gentle folk-style of “Rearranged” and “Gavotte for African Steel Guitar” gives Jeffery the perfect melody to create such wonderful music. The keyboard driven “Valencian Cosmos” and “Ascendancy” is a nice break before returning to the Floydian closer “Carry On.”

For more information on Jack Jeffery, please visit his myspace page (

Next, from half-way around the world comes Australian band Lowlakes with a new self-titled album. The new 4-song EP was recorded live to tape without any overdubs. The gentle flow of the opening “Song for Motion”displays their warm sound as it continues on through to the next song “Catch A Breeze.” The song “Buffalo” sounds like a Tears for Fears outtake, while the album finishes with the floating notes of “Arctic House.”

Lowlakes will be hitting the US shores in September and October. Please visit for the most up to date information.

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