Sunday, June 17, 2012

CD Review: Grand Magus Gets Reissued, While Whitechapel Gets Re-Energized

Heavy Metal band, Grand Magus is having two of their pinnacle albums (“Wolf’s Return” & “Iron Will”) released through Metal Blade Records. The albums were originally released in 2005 and 2008 respectively and are being re-released through their new record label. After their break-through album “Monument,” Grand Magus hit a new level of popularity around the world with the heavier “Wolf’s Return” and the continued with the more mainstream rock of “Iron Will.”

“Wolf’s Return” begins with the hard-rocking attack of “Kingslayer,” then continuing with the heavy drums and deep bass grooves of “Nine.” The album gets broken up by these 60- to 90-second instrumentals. They are used to introduce the next song.  The song “Blodorn” leads into the doom metal sound of “Wolf’s Return.” The album finishes strong with the tempo-changing rocker “Light Hater” and then returns to the doom metal sounds of “Wolf’s Return Part II.”

On the bend next release, “Iron Will” they polished their production to a more mainstream heavy metal sound. The opener “Like the Oar Strikes The Water,” finds Gran Magus running on all cylinders as the music just hits you. The band gets their hard rockin’ groove going on “Iron Will” as lead singer JB Christoffersson pulls off his best Ronnie James Dio impressions on “Silver Into Steal.” The album finishes with Trisse’s drumming and Fox’s bass locking into a deep groove on “I Am the North.”

Grand Magus also has a new album entitled “The Hunt” released last month, but in Europe only. They just wrapped up a set of dates and will be taking a month off before heading back out on the road in August. Check out the band’s website ( for more information and tour dates.

Death metal band Whitechapel have become one of the top bands of their genre breaking into the top 50 on the Billboard Album chart with their 2010 album “A New Era of Corruption.” Now Whitechapel returns with a new self-titled album that is sure to once again put them in the forefront of the metal community.

The album begins with “Make It Bleed” as a simple piano chord gets blown away by drums and guitars. Your pulse is sure to quicken on “Hate Creation,” before the anger and aggression takes over with “I, Dementia.” The assault continues with “Dead Silence,” before finishing with the metal bass grooves of “Possibilities of an Impossible Existence.”

Whitechapel just completed “The Recorruptour” with Miss May I and After The Burial. They will be heading out on the road again in July as part of the “Mayhem Festival” along with Slipknot, Slayer and Anthrax. That tour wraps up at the Comcast Theatre in Hartford, CT on August 5. For more information on the new album and for a complete list of tour dates, please visit

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