Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CD Review: More Metal From Metal Blade Records Label

Death/doom metal is on the rise with new albums by Six Feet Under, The Cory Smoot Experiment and Electric Wizard. Metal Blade Records released Six Feet Under’s “Undead” and Electric Wizard’s “Witchcult Today” on May 22 and The Cory Smoot Experiment’s “When Worlds Collide” on June 5.

Six Feet Under are back with one of their most aggressive albums yet. New guitarist Rob Arnold is able to take some of the credit as his contributions on guitar and song-writing help put this album in the upper tier of new death metal albums. The band just unleashes on onslaught of sound from the beginning track “Frozen At the Moment of Death.” Many of the tracks are two- or three-minutes of hard-hitting drums and dark vocals as in “18 Days” and “Near Death Experience.” The band just tears through the twelve tracks closing with the tempo-changing attack of “The Depths of Depravity.”

Six Feet Under are currently on the road as part of their “18 Nights of Blood Tour” which finishes at the end of June. For a complete list of dates, check out

Also being released the same day is the doom metal cult band Electric Wizard’s 2007 album “Witchcult Today.” The album is being re-released with slightly altered cover art. It is the band’s most well-received album and the overall sound is less harsh than past albums by the band. Electric Wizard used vintage 1970s equipment to capture their dark, eerie music. Songs like “Dunwich” and “Satanic Rites of Drugula” reference horror movies of the same name while their tone is taken from the pages of Black Sabbath’s musical book. The eleven-minute epic “Black Magic Rituals & Perversions” is a journey to the dark side of the occult as you find yourself locked into the grungy guitars and pulsing bass groove.

Electric Wizard is currently going through line-up changes as they recently performed at Maryland’s “Deathfest.” It was the band’s first U.S. show on ten years. For more information, check out the band myspace page (

Cory Smoot was the guitarist for the heavy metal band GWAR. In 2010, Cory decided to create a hard-rockin' album on his own. His idea was that he would perform all the music himself and have some of his favorite metal singers perform the lyrics. Due to scheduling conflicts, Cory decided to record the vocals himself and name the project “The Cory Smoot Experiment.” He completed the project in the fall of 2011, just prior to his final tour with GWAR. Cory passed away while on that tour, now all the proceeds from the sales of this album go to the Smoot Family Fund to provide for Cory’s family.

Songs like the lead-off track, “The Blood Red” shows Cory’s talents for playing guitar as you can’t help but notice as the song revolves around those amazing guitar solos. While Smoot was never a singer, his vocals fit perfectly within the songs “Fortunate Sun” and “Brainfade.” The album is also filled with many great, mostly-instrumentals like “Rebirth” and “When Worlds Collide.” The album ends with his tribute to “The Goonies” movie with his funk-filled “Sloth Loves Chunk.” For more information on this album as the cause behind it, please visit

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