Saturday, June 23, 2012

CD Review: "Songs About Jane" Turns 10 Years Old For Maroon 5

American pop-rock band Maroon 5 are riding a popularity high that began with their 2010 album, "Hand All Over" and has continued on for the last two years. Now this year is sure to become their biggest yet. They have a brand-new album to be released on June 26 entitled "Overexposed," they are currently on a world tour and most recently released the 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of their debut album "Songs About Jane."

The original twelve-song album gets remastered and sounds the best that its ever had. All the instruments sound crisp especially on "Sunday Morning" and "This Love." Adam Levine's vocals on "Shiver" and "The Sun" are out front and sound as clear as being in the studio with the band.

This deluxe edition includes a second disc with the entire album presented in demo form. The songs still sound very polished on this disc, but carry a less pop sound and a more rock sound. I wish some of the songs were a slighty more variation than the ones that were originally release, but it's nice to hear how the songs developed into the final versions that have become so well known. Also included are 5 bonus songs, three of them are demos of songs that were not finished for the album. The song "Take What You Want" seems like a missed hit single for the album, while "Woman" and "Chilly Winter" sound like good ideas that never transpired. The song "Ragdoll" is an international b-side that carries a slow jazzy vibe, similar to "Sunday Morning." The disc finishes with an alternative mix of "The Sun" that is given a more dance-floor beat.

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