Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Total Carnage Tour Is Heading Your Way

The Total Carnage Tour is gearing up to leave a path of destruction behind. The tour starts up in Chicago on June 16th and features headliner As They Sleep with supporting act Damien Deadson along with openers The Burial and Hope For The Dying. As They Sleep have not released a new album in over two years, but their last release "Dynasty" has enough power and aggression to hold you off until the band releases some new music.

Beginning with "Oracle Of The Dead," the album is 30-plus minutes of non-stop, adreniline-pumping drum beats and dark, evil vocals. The only break is a 90-second guitar instrumental, almost like an intermission, as you prepare for round two beginning with "The Offering." The album finishes with "The Unseen" which find the band hitting a more mainstream, death metal sound.

Damien Deadson is the heavy metal project of Ryan Helm (Demon Hunter, The Ascendicate). They released their debut album this past January entitled "A Warm and Dark Embrace." The album was recorded entirely by Helm in his home studio, "Helm's Deep." The album does a great job mixing death metal vocals with heavy guitar riffs as in "The Nothing." The songs "Power Soak" and "I Am Power" has a more aggressive sound, while Helm switches tempos in "Patterns of Progress." This album also contains a short instrumental to break up the album into two different sets. The album closes with the two part song "The Burning Sorrow," which begins as vengeful death metal song, but ends as mainstream rock anthem.

The Total Carnage Tour will be on the road through the end of July, including a stop June 25th in Hartford, CT. For more information, check out As They Sleep's facebook page at

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