Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CD Review: Independent Artists Create Some Amazing Music

Indie artists Killer Miller, Sir O and MiXE1 are all self-motivating musicians that utilized their talents to create some interesting and exceptional songs. Killer Miller (Kevin Miller) released a 13-song album that uses simple programed beats along with acoustic guitar and pop vocals. His songs like "Stupid/Maizy" and "Jed" are just relaxing pieces of music that allow your mind to drift. His music also carries an Americana vibe as in the songs "Totem Pole" and "Poker Face Eyes." Killer Miller truly carries the flag for underground, independent music. For more information on Killer Miller, please visit myspace.com/millermusics.

Singer/songwriter Sir. O has a more professional approach to his debut album "Forever Plus A Day." As the album opens with the song "Stay" you find comfort in his delivery of the lyrics and the smooth flow of the music. The songs "Fighting" and "Please Stop Talking" show the alternative rock side of Sir. O, while his vocals are better suited for the acoustic rock of "Comeback." He expands into the realm of Pop music with "Lost" and "Someone You're Thinking Of," before finishing the album with the up-tempo "Glimmer of Hope." Sir. O is currently seeking out a record label to promote his music. For more information on Sir. O, please visit facebook.com/Sir.omusic.

Electronic artist MiXE1 has all the makings of a club/techno artist. His latest 4-song EP, "Module 2" has a very complete, polished sound that belongs in most DJ's libraries. His beats are contagious as in "This Is Not Goodbye," while the vocals mix pop and metal to create some original compositions. He takes a more mainstream pop approach on "Do You Know" which should attract more fans to his music. For more information on MiXE1, please visit facebook.com/mixe1.

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