Thursday, July 12, 2012

CD Review: Indie Rockers Make Some New Noise

From South Wales comes alternative/punk band The Calling Card with a new album entitled “Everything You’re Not.” The album begins with the punk fury of “The New Kings Of This Town” as their sound get more polished as the album progresses. The album’s lead single “Let’s Stay Young” carries a punk rawness with a pop anthem that keeps you singing the along to the chorus, while the band shows their aggressive side on “Camden Queen.” The band slows down for “Why So Serious?” which is not the band’s strong point as they get back to what they’re at with the heavy drumming and blazing guitars of “Everybody Gets One.” The album closes with the great alternative rocker “I Always Lose.”

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The indie, prog-rock band Coeus The Boxing Titan recently released their sophomore album entitled "Insomniatic Myth." This album takes on a more electronic, industrial sound than that of it predecessor. If you let this music take you on its journey, you may find discover new soundscapes through these many layers of music.

The journey begins with "A Giant Leap" which brings dance-hall beats together with rock 'n roll edginess. The "Bright Side" takes on a more Nine Inch Nails, industrial rock sound, while "It Begins In Confusion" brings in a hip-hop backbeat highlighted by screeching guitars. The music blasts you back in your seat, until the jazzy sounds of "Annie." The most interesting song on the new album is "For Immortality," which utilizes the piano interlude against spoken-word lyrics in order to make them sound darker. The album closes with experimental beats of "The Projectionist" which ends the album on a hight note.

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