Friday, July 27, 2012

CD Review: Midnight Social Are "Heading South" On Debut LP

The duo of Jeremy Burchard and Jennica Scott are better known as the band Midnight Social and they just released their debut album, “Heading South.” Jennica Scott has a very mature sounding voice, while Burchard’s guitar playing adds that little extra to make the songs stand out, but their voices mesh so well together giving the alt-country album a little rock edge.

The album stars off with the title track as you instantly notice their great country sound with some very well-traveled lyrics. The combination of the two shine on “Hey Lonely” as they each perform their parts perfectly. Jeremy finally gets to rock on “The Finer Things In Life” as his guitar solo is nothing short of spectacular. Scott’s vocals in the ballad “Burning Bridges” is so strong and pure that you instantly feel the passion in her performance. They harmonize so well on the mellow, backwoods country sound of “Slow Release,” while Jennica shows us edginess to her vocal delivery in “Weight Off My Shoulders.” The album closes with the laid-back country-rock vibe of “So Long (San Antonio).”

Moonlight Social have shows scheduled this evening at Dean’s On Main in Houston, TX and tomorrow night at Jack’s Patio bar in San Antonio, TX. For more information, please visit

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