Monday, July 23, 2012

CD Review: New Releases From East Coast's Underground Music Scene

From New York City comes Rayvon Browne with their psychedelic mix of jazz and folk. Their new album entitled “Companion” was released in May and features “ukulele virtuoso” Morgan Heringer and singer Cal Folger Day along with Joel Kruzic on bass.

The eight-song album begins with the acoustic sounds of “Havin A Boyfriend” as Cal Folger Day rolls through her vocals, keeping the song interesting. The song “Cocktease” almost flies off the rails during the chorus. The music swirls around your head as you try to grasp a hold of the vocals. The band lightens up for the gentle floating sound of “Cat On Chest,” before giving in to their folk-side on “Queen.” Cal Folger Day’s vocals sound a little like Etta James on “Cocktail” as the album finishes with the ukulele driven “The Ghost of Rick Danko.”

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From across the river in New Jersey, the band Elevator Art plugs in their instruments to rock on their latest EP “Tent City.” The album’s title song features some great guitar chords and a chugging backbeat, complete with a harmonica solo. This six-piece band dives deep into their rock roots with the song, “Homicidal Desert” as they lock into a guitar-driven blues groove. The combination of the male and female vocals on “Killing Time” gives the song a Fleetwood Mac sound with a harder edge. The album closes with the new single “Lesbian Father.” The six-minute song is the most pop-rock sounding song on this new EP.

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