Sunday, July 22, 2012

CD Review: Sara Jackson-Holman Shows Us The Study Of "Cardiology"

Singer/songwriter/pianist Sara Jackson-Holman is ready to release her sophomore album “Cardiology” on July 24. According to Jackson-Holman this is a very personal record about the study of her own heart during her times of “love and loss.” Sara’s singing and piano gets fleshed out by a strong supporting cast from the Northwest along with producers Keith Schreiner (Auditory, Sculpture) and Skyler Norwood (Blind Pilot, Horse Feathers).

The album begins with the gentle chords of “Cartography.” At times, Sara Jackson-Holman’s voice draws similarities to Norah Jones as in “For Albert” and “Empty Arms.” She gets her dance groove on for the revenge driven “Break My Heart,” her voice and music is better suited for the ballads “Oh My Honey” and “Come By Fire.” These songs really allow her voice to become the main focus of the songs. The album closes with the title song, “Cardiology” as Sara expresses her feelings through these meaningful lyrics.

Sara Jackson-Holman has about half-a-dozen shows scattered over the next few months. Please visit her website ( for more information on the new album and for a complete list of her tour dates.

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