Thursday, July 19, 2012

CD Review: Saving Abel Bring Down "The Giant," While The Contortionist Becomes "Intrinsic"

American rockers Saving Abel recently released their third album entitled “Bringing Down The Giant.” All of the band’s former albums reached the Top 50 on the Billboard Album chart and were also Top 5 on the Billboard Rock chart.

Saving Abel come out blazing with the title song as they show the edgier side to their music with loud guitar chords and pounding drums. They take a more mainstream rock approach in the songs “Amazing” and “Picture of Elvis” and even attempt to place you in the backwoods of of country in “You Make Me Sick.” Their hard rock sound returns in “New Loser” and “Me And You," while the album closes with the feel-good, pop rock of “Constantly.”

Saving Abel is currently on tour through the end of August, hitting states all over the U.S. For more information on the new album “Bringing Down The Giant” and for a complete list of live dates, please visit

Progressive metal band, The Contortionist has released their second full-length album “Intrinsic” through Good Fight Music. The album follows their 2010 release “Exoplanet,” which laid the ground work for what was to come.

The six-plus minute opener, “Holomovement” has everything, from hardcore metal vocals to a Rush-like song structure. They follow that with aggressive beginning of “Feedback Loop” which then leads into an expanding keyboard solo before returning again to the aggressive drumming and guitars. Their songs are all structured similar with that “take hold” beginning, before their music finally reaches out to grab your attention.  One of the exceptions is “Anatomy Anomalies” with its rising volume, as it peaks and then retreats back to a soft, gentle keyboard. The album closes with “Parallel Trance” as you find your mind floating along in a transcendental state.

The Contortionist is headlining a tour with Jeff Loomis. They will be on the road for about a month making their way across the U.S. For more information, check out

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