Monday, July 30, 2012

CD Review: Singer/Songwriters David Bronson And Makenzie Caine Have New Music For Us

Singer/songwriter David Bronson released a double album in 2011 entitled “The Long Lost Story.” Earlier this year David released the second half of his double album titled it simply “Story.” Later this year, he will release the first half of his double album and call it “The Long Lost.” The music and lyrics on “Story” are tales within themselves without the need of the overall theme.

David begins with the modern rocker “The Turns” which set up the listener for a journey that continues through the rest of the album. His band is up to challenge as he rocks out with screeching guitars on “Times,” then switches gears to the folk-rock of “Easier.” David and his band add some post-punk sounds to the album with “The Ones,” before continuing with the pop-rock of “Momentary,” which features some great guitar work. The album closes with the seven-minute epic of “Unending (Underture)” as David and the band show a maturity to their performance.

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Another rising singer/songwriter Makenzie Caine recently released her debut album, “Take This Town.” Her voice ranges from the softness of Tori Amos to the pop/rock of Alanis Morrisette. The new album begins with the title song as you are introduced to Makenzie’s innocence as her vocals try to rock, but find more of home in the acoustic country sound of “Young Marine.” She perfectly executes the feeling of frailty in “Pretty In Red” as the song centers around the story of a woman trying to find herself before its too late. The gentle folk acoustics of “Sweet Baby” fit Makenzie’s voice perfectly as you get wrapped up in her vocals. The album finishes up with a dance beat mix of Cat Stevens’ “Moodshadow.” I almost wish she made an attempt of a more accurate rendition of this classic song.

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