Saturday, July 28, 2012

CD Review: This Is She Is "OK' With Debut EP

Indie rockers, This Is She recently released their debut EP entitled “Nobody Is OK.” The six-song album combines the hard rock vocals of Evanescence with dance, pop, club beats in order to try and make an industrial rock sound that can be played on “Top 40” radio.

Lead Singer Alana Grace flexes her vocals on the lead track “Grow Up,” as the song sounds more pop than rock. The song “Ghost” is the must-hear song from this EP as the chorus is so addictive that you find yourself singing it after only a couple listens. The club beats come flying out on “Disobey” as Grace’s vocals sound more and more like Ke$ha. The band mixes in a more industrial rock sound on the title song, “Nobody Is Ok,” before finishing the album with the electronic dance beats of “Brace Myself.”

This Is She has a couple of shows lined up in California supporting Cobra Starship. Check out the band’s facebook page ( for more information.

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